Jorge Henrique de Oliveira Souza, Sebastião Botto de Barros Tojal
and Sérgio Rabello Tamm Renault (left to right)

Throughout over thirty years, the firm founded by Sebastião Tojal and Sérgio Renault, has housed in its staff, partners and lawyers who were asked to give their contribution in some of the most important positions of the Department of Justice, Office of the President’s Chief of Staff, São Paulo City Hall, Inter-American Development Bank, University of São Paulo, Brazilian Bar Association, private institutions, such as the Innovare Institute and the Roberto Marinho Foundation as well as taking part in Board of Directors of government-owned and private companies.

This prestige results from the work carried out by the Law Firm, its legal influence and respect based on its professional conduct and especially for its profound technical understanding and for the consistent and long-lasting solutions offered to clients in the corporate and government arena, notably in the areas of Administrative law, Constitutional Law, Economic Law and Regulatory Law,
City Law and the Third Sector.

 The firm prides itself for being sought out by other law firms to render its opinion on conducting the legal strategies for government agencies, cities and noteworthy private groups that operate in partnership with the Government.

The firm has extensive experience in monitoring investigations and public-interest civil action, administrative corruption and parliamentary investigations. The partners’ and firm members’ knowledge is grounded on advocacy in its global sense. The client is serviced in managing their demands and conflict management focused on the company, government and consulting for international bodies.
With home offices in São Paulo, the firm is qualified to service individuals, government agencies and private enterprises, notably those that operate in the sectors of infrastructure such as ports, railways, highways, sanitation, as well as energy, telecommunications and mining.

In order to offer the best service to its clients in specialized areas, the firm also counts on correspondents in several capitals in the country and cities in the interior of São Paulo, developing activities in partnership with other firms with solid presence in their areas of practice.

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